What are the benefits of advertising on www.shootinguk.co.uk?

Where on Shooting UK can I advertise?

What size of advert can I have?

How do I design and advert, what do I need to supply?

How much does it cost?

How can I book my advert?

Who to Contact?

What are the benefits of advertising on www.shootinguk.co.uk?

– Advertising on www.shootinguk.co.uk online is quick, easy to set up and cost effective.

– It is a quick and easy way to get passionate shooters to visit your website.

– It is very easy to set up with lead times of less than a week.

– You get what you pay for and you never pay more than you expect.

– Online advertising can generate direct response, canvas opinion & raise awareness of your company.

Where on www.shootinguk.co.uk can I advertise?

– Your advert can appear on any page on the website and what you pay depends on where your advert appears.

– Run of site adverts can appear on any page within the site, be it the home page, news page, forum or gun tests etc. This option means your advert will be seen by any of our users regardless of their interest.

– Trade directory adverts can appear in any individual category of the Shooting UK online trade directory.

What size of advert can I have?

– All our run of site, and premium pages can host a banner, button or MPU style advert.

– Adverts in our trade directory can be either a banner or a large button.

How do I design an advert, what do I need to supply?

You have two options available:

– Either pay an agency to produce an advert for you according to our specification.

– Or you can take advantage of our free advert design service. Speak to one of our sales team who can talk you through the simple process of producing one of our standard format banner or buttons.

How much does it cost?

Online advertising is very cost effective because you only ever pay for what you get. You can choose a fixed rate in our trade directory or buttons, or you can choose a cost per thousand option anywhere else one the site.

Cost per thousand (CPM)
– Cost per thousand options are charged according to the number of page views your advert receives. This literally means that you pay for the number of times your advert is seen by www.shootinguk.co.uk online users.

– You decide how many times you would like your advert to be seen, and over what period of time, and our sophisticated software does the rest.

– We guarantee that your advert will be seen at least the number of times you pay for, and if it is seen more times than agreed, you still only pay what was agreed up front. You never pay more than the agreed rate.


Run of site banner – £25 per thousand page views

Premium banner – £35 per thousand page views

MPU – £40 per thousand page views

Tennancy buttons – £750 (plus VAT) run throughout the site and seen on every page

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Who to Contact?

Call our online team free on 0800 072 9600

Head of Market
Rosemary Archer
020 3148 4214
Email: rosemary.archer@timeinc.com

Advertising Manager
Tim Hanson
020 3148 4205
Email: tim.hanson@timeinc.com

Regina Tumbridge-Harringer
Tel: 020 314 84313
Email: regina.tumbridge-harringer@timeinc.com