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American wine tour

Fancy a top-end American wine tour?

Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel Finger Lakes   Magnificent views of Seneca Lake at sunset from Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel. Image Credit: watkinsglenharborhotel.com Perhaps begin your American wine tour in New York City, and head to some of the Big Apple’s best wine bars for a recce of your favourite US wines and regions. From there,…


Five smartwatches that are both clever AND good-looking

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with an Apple Watch per se. Or a Samsung Gear watch, or a Fitbit, or any of those other clever things. They can be tremendously useful, particularly for work and fitness purposes. But there’s no denying that they fall down in other areas. It’s simply that their…

photograph your gundog

How to photograph your gundog like a pro

Understanding your subject can lead to beautiful, natural-looking images Important family members Having grown up with dogs, we understand they are important family members that have a special place in our hearts. Sadly, dogs are not eternal, so the photographs we take will one day bring great comfort to owners…

advice on buying antiques

How to buy an antique for your home

It’s all too easy to buy a piece you love, only to get it home and realise that it doesn’t fit with anything else you own – or, equally frustrating, holding off from taking the plunge only to spend the next few weeks regretting it. Antiques and interiors writer Grant Pierrus, who will…

shooting instruction

Six things to know about gun recoil

Many shooters consider that a 20-bore has less recoil than a 12-bore but in fact, the recoil depends on the cartridge load being used and the weight of the gun. Having a light 20-bore and a heavy load, like a 28 or 32 gram cartridge will result in stronger recoil…

ribless game guns

Ribless game guns – the downside

Adam Calvert writes: The main purpose of removing ribs is to reduce barrel weight and, as a result, improve speed of handling or reduce the overall weight of the gun. Some would say removing the top rib also makes the gun more elegant. There are, however, several drawbacks that need to…

How to choose a stalking rifle

£1,200 for a new rifle. What should I buy?

A: That is a good budget for 
a decent rifle, with the Tikka T3, Schultz & Larsen, Steyr Mannlicher CL2, Strasser RS Solo or Browning X-Bolt, to name a few, all around that price level. Any one of these rifles will be a good and reliable choice. You need to…

Trap gun

Can I use a trap gun for pigeon/game shooting?

A: There is a common misconception that trap guns can’t be used for other forms of shooting, I disagree. A trap gun is a gun which usually has slightly longer barrels, tighter chokes and is set up with a higher comb height, making the gun’s impact point also high. In some…

secure gun cabinet

How many guns can you store in a gun cabinet?

Q: When I got my shotgun licence three years ago I bought a four-gun cabinet. I’ve just bought my fifth shotgun and have been told by my firearms enquiry officer (FEO) that I am only allowed to own four because that is all my cabinet was intended for. Do 

young female Gun

Recoil bruises my face!

I have a Browning B325. It's a big improvement on the Spanish over-under I had, except I'm constantly getting bruised on my face and lower shoulder. I've never suffered from this in ten years of shooting!

miss a shot

How NOT to waste a shot

Each year at our shoot, we have a day, usually in June, when we gather to shoot a few clays and have a BBQ. Last year, to add some interest, I set up a pattern plate and the guests were invited to test their guns and cartridges. A good many…

fox with mange

Beware the mangy fox

Q: We have foxes in our garden and one has a lot of bald, sore-looking patches, especially over its head. A friend suggested that the foxes have mange, which could be passed onto our dogs. What do you suggest we do? A: Foxes can suffer various types of mange and…

15 things to know when buying your first gun

Apply for your shotgun certificate in plenty of time. Depending on where you live in the country it could take weeks or months to arrive. A reputable dealer will reserve your gun for you while you’re waiting for your certificate. Buy your first gun from a recommended gun shop –…