JOHN BIDWELL says: Multichoke or fixed-choke comes down to personal choice but the important thing is to ensure the gun you choose is properly balanced. For instance I would rather shoot a well balanced fixed choke than a badly balanced multi-choke that showed a tendency towards muzzle heaviness.

Thankfully the better makers these days have paid a lot of time and attention to the design and profile of their barrels, so choke tubes can be accommodated without any compromise to the gun’s handling characteristics.

I have used multi-choke guns now for more years than I care to remember and even though I rarely change the chokes I like the idea the facility’s there if I ever need to use it.

As I said in my book, Move, Mount, Shoot, “Whether clay shooters will ever make full use of the (choke) options open to them is not important. What is important is the multi-choke system has encouraged more and more people to shoot with just one gun. Anybody who wants to develop to their full potential can only do so by getting used to the way their gun handles.”

As I said at the time: “A cupboard full of guns might be a source of satisfaction to the shooting enthusiast but they will not make him a better shot. Find a gun you like and stick with it.”

Nothing has happened since then to make me change my mind.

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