I changed my certificate details to my son’s address and transferred ownership of two of my shotguns to him. He has shotgun and firearms certificates. I took out a European Firearms Pass and put my remaining guns on this so that I could take them to and from France.

I frequently stay with my son and we shoot together in England. My UK certificates are due for renewal this month but I have been told by the local police I am not able to renew my certificates as I do not pay community tax in the UK. Can you tell me if this is correct?

Shotgun licence


It is certainly not a requirement that you should pay community tax in order to hold a firearm or shotgun licence and your police force is talking rubbish.

The issue is whether or not you have a residence in the UK. If I understand you correctly your son’s house is effectively your UK residence so I see no reason why you should not have a certificate using that address.

Where more than one person in the same household has shotguns I recommend that all the guns should be on all the certificates, irrespective of who actually owns what.

You can have a gun on your certificate even if you are not the legal owner of it.

This is more difficult with rifles because not everyone in the house may be able to show good reason for possessing a particular rifle.

There is also the question as to whether you really need a certificate.

If you always shoot in the company of your son you can borrow a shotgun or rifle from him under one of the exemptions for borrowed guns.

The alternative, which is rather more tedious for all concerned, is to get a visitor’s permit which can be valid for up to a year.

I would have thought that from the police point of view it is easier to issue a certificate rather than have to issue permits annually over a five-year period.

If not renewed your EFP will expire with your certificate unless you also have one issued in France.

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