Choice of gun is a very personal affair – which is why there are so many to pick from in the gun shop!

Some folk prefer longer-than-average barrels, others choose heavier guns over lighter ones, some base their choice on rib width, others are swayed by balance and so the process ticks on.

You name it, there will be a gun to fit someone’s ideal every time.

As longs as your game gun fits nicely, shoots to the point of aim and its lighter weight doesn’t expose you to the tiring effects of recoil then there’s no real reason why you cannot use it to shoot Sporting clays.

I’ve always said that a person can only shoot to their best if they stick to one gun so if you’ve got confidence in yours, use it!

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  • steven simmons

    trying to get on land to use my air rifle for target shooting is like getting blood out of a stone can you give me advise in 24 yrs and not a hoody