A)Before attempting to reintroduce groundcover, you must consider why you have none growing naturally. The most likely reason is lack of light reaching the woodland floor, caused by a dense overhead canopy. If this is the problem, then you need to cut down all the mid-storey trees. These will most likely be hazel and elder growing in any gaps left in the overhead canopy. Remove these and some light should reach the woodland floor. Consideration will then need to be given to removing some mature trees to create even more light. Little will grow in heavily shaded areas. You may also have too many deer, compounding the problem, and the resulting overgrazing and browsing will hamper any regrowth even if you let light into the canopy.

Don?t be too disappointed with a return of less than 40 per cent, as not many shoots achieve such a percentage unless they have generous neighbours. As you have discovered, it is impossible to control a flush of birds without cover, but making sure that all dogs are on leads and that the beating line is silent towards the end of the drive will help.