The reason I ask is because my spaniel last season shivered badly whenever we went wildfowling. I assume wearing one will not impair the dog’s swimming ability?


Peter Blatch

Hands up here – I don’t know. I have never tried one on a dog of mine though I will admit that dogs sent to me for kennelling with one on do look very comfortable in them.

As for wearing one in the field, I am not so sure; maybe if the dog is just sitting in a pigeon hide or roost shooting on a wet night things might be okay but I would be a little cautious sending a dog into water wearing one in case its paws got caught in the straps.

As I say, I don’t have any experience of these garments and I would be pleased to hear from folk – particularly wildfowlers – who have used them on dogs.

Maybe such coats give the dog extra buoyancy, who knows…

  • Alexander Hudson

    Aah.. I’ve been trawling the internet looking for an answer to this one. I’m off wildfowlng for the first time in a fortnight and I don’t know whether to get a neoprene dog jacket as my spaniel shivers when doing water retrieving. I was leaning towards jacket off when working and jacket on when waiting around. Any thoughts welcome.