Pigeon shooting


I draw the line at two machines, if only because of the logistics (not to mention the expense) of lugging more gear out to the hide.

I cannot think of any situation where more than two would be beneficial, particularly as pigeons are becoming more wary of these machines as it is.

If anything, I try to rely on them even less, going back to old fashioned fieldcraft, whenever I can.

  • danile white

    hi richard i had to give up my guns for personal reasons about a year ago and my licence expired about 6 months ago. i really want to get back into shooting how do i go about geting my licence back.do i renew or do i start from fresh.and would i have any problems geting it.many thanks dan…..

  • dave brennan

    how can or where can i get the dvd red letter day and do yo do a dvd richard thanks

  • dave brennan

    hi richard would you say that a well placed pair of floaters will do as well as a rotary