Henry Atkin senior originally worked for James Purdey, from 1814 onwards.

Son, Henry, was apprenticed to his father at Purdey’s and, in 1866, left to work for William Moore & Co, before setting up on his own account in 1877.

His first address was at 18 Oxendon St, Haymarket, London, where he stayed until 1891. Henry Atkin’s guns were of very good quality and his live pigeon guns were well regarded at the Hurlingham Club and elsewhere.

This allowed a move into Jermyn Street, where the firm had a number of addresses until 1960, when it amalgamated to become Atkin, Grant & Lang Ltd.

The presentation inscription suggests your gun was a prize given for winning a live pigeon shooting match. The 1836 date is either a typing error or a misreading.

Atkins’ records are held by Ken Duglan, at Broomhill Shooting Grounds, Hertfordshire, Tel: 01582 842280.

  • Louis

    I was left a Henry Atkin from J. Purdey 12Bore shotgun from my late granfather. Which was sold from under me before I could collect it. Is there anybody that would know how much it would fetch?

    As I would love to try and find it and buy it back. (I know the Serial Number if it helps).


  • Geoff Prowse

    My grandfather has a similar shotgun with a Damascus steel barrel. theres only one inscription on it. it reads E. Atkins. is this the same gunmaker?