Everything depends here on the amount of time you have for grooming. I typically clip the feathering from my cocker spaniels’ ears and feet during early spring to prevent problems with grass seeds and I would normally repeat the exercise in the summer during the hotter days.

The trick is to continually groom the dog and keep its coat clean. In this respect regular exercise in cover is really helpful.

I would advise against giving the dog a full clip as its well-being could be compromised – always remembering that a dog grows a coat to keep itself warm and dry as well as to protect its skin. Remember, too, that the more often you clip the more hair will grow back.

When it comes to grooming a spaniel you should avoid using scissors because the risk of cutting the dog’s skin is too great and, anyway, the end result invariably looks untidy. Instead I use good quality dog clippers to get a decent looking finish.

If you decide to leave the job of clipping to somebody else then make sure you brief them exactly on what your requirements are.