Your dog may have field trial potential for his style and pace when hunting and retrieving, but making a noise is an instant eliminating fault, no matter how good his other qualities.

During a field trial there will be numerous situations when your dog will be under great temptation, but will be required to sit quietly on the drop, exercising complete self-control while another dog is working.

Any problems he shows will certainly manifest themselves during the excitement of competition. I suspect the barking or whining is simply a symptom of other areas of his training where full control is deficient.

Whatever another dog is doing, you should be able to walk him around at heel off the lead and make him sit and stay with his main attention focused on you.

If you cannot do that, then trying to correct the noise is futile. At two years old it is unlikely the noise problem can completely be eradicated, but it may be improved through a thorough course of basic obedience.

  • Cooper

    This is a terrible answer to the question asked. You provide no suggestions at all.