I own a Browning 425 12-bore multichoke. I have not changed the chokes for six months and now cannot move them. How can I release them?

Screw-in chokes must be removed and cleaned on a regular basis or they will stick in the bore. A few drops of releasing fluid may help break the seal. Allow the fluid to penetrate and then warm the muzzles with a hairdryer. This causes the barrels to expand slightly and may allow the choke tube to be withdrawn.

Be careful when you apply pressure to the choke tubes, as it is very easy to distort the barrel – this is particularly so

if you have a large choke key which allows a lot of leverage. If you are unable to remove the choke tubes, I suggest you take them to a gunsmith.

Clean choke tubes in a solvent – meths or petrol – and pay particular attention to the threads to ensure that any grit or other matter is not caught in them. The threads should be slightly greased before reinstallation. It is vital to ensure that the choke tube is always screwed fully home, otherwise your gun will be badly damaged when you fire it.

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