A reader asked how to sell a shotgun privately after seeing guns advertised in Sporting Gun's Shopfront pages.

A reader asks: Can you explain the procedure when you sell a shotgun privately, especially regarding transfer forms and the buyer’s certificate? David Frost answered this reader’s question about how to sell a shotgun privately. 

All transactions between private individuals must be face to face. Postal sales, purchases and other transfers are not permitted.

You should check the purchaser’s certificate to ensure it is still valid and that it’s his photo on it.

The seller must fill in table 2 of the purchaser’s certificate and sign it.

Both parties must then inform their respective police forces of the transaction by recorded delivery within seven days.

Keep the recorded delivery slip.

The notification must include the names and addresses of both parties, the date, the nature of the transaction (sale, gift etc) and details of the gun(s) transferred.

Some forces provide a form for doing this which can be downloaded from their website.

Even if your force doesn’t you can use the form from another force’s site.

In addition, as a matter of good financial practice, you should give the buyer a receipt for his money, making clear what he has bought and keep a copy of the receipt for yourself.

Although not required by law it can be helpful to take a copy of the front page of the purchaser’s certificate for your record.