Clay pigeon shooting expert


It’s possible to do this with quite a few doubles combinations at English Sporting, but not all of them – so be careful!

Anyone who tries to cultivate a ‘one stance fits all’ is quickly going to come a cropper and, no matter how hard they try, they will never improve their average.

No, if you want to get better, you need to remember the old adage: concentrate on one target at a time. It’s still sound advice.

In Sporting terms this means creating a clear mental picture of how you’re going to break both birds in terms of visual pick-up points and muzzle placement.

Moving your feet just a few inches between shots (after taking the gun from your shoulder) can make a world of difference so you need to practice this exercise, at home, with an unloaded gun during regular dry mounting sessions.

In no time at all the act of moving your feet then re-mounting the gun will become second nature.

And breaking doubles will become a whole lot easier. It might be that you can shoot 50% of the stands without having to move your feet between shots, but what about the other 50%?

Simple mathematics says you are going to miss at least half of the remaining targets.

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