My certificate is up for renewal next year. Is there a law that you need a certain amount of land for the use of the rifle?


David Frost

There is no legal requirement of this sort for firearms certificates. What matters is whether you can use the gun safely in the area you have.

That will depend on where the land is situated and such things as whether there are houses or footpaths in the immediate vicinity.

Provided you can take your shots with a good backstop and without endangering other people I can?t see any problem.

Of course there?s always the possibility that at some time in the life of your firearms certificate you will get more land over which you can shoot.

It would be worth getting your firearms certificate conditioned for muntjac and Chinese Water Deer as they are spreading quite fast.

They may not be in your area now but could be in the near future.

  • Rick

    My shooting area is only 100 acres and my local firearms dept [Thames Valley] are ok with that because I have experience so, as the questioner appears to also have experience then there should be no problems.
    With regard to having conditions on the firearms [and shotguns come to that] then I suggest doing what I did which is to get the term ‘..all legal quarry..’ added to his certificate[s], this means you are ready for any changes [wild boar, etc.]; notwithstanding the legal limitations of calibre of course.
    Cheers, Rick the Keeper.