Rob Eaton

By far the best way to shoot a rabbit is to use the ?swing through? technique.

Start with your leading foot facing your kill point and hold your gun at your pick-up point about 5yds in front of the trap – just slightly under the path of the rabbit.

Look back at the trap and call ?PULL? and let the rabbit overtake the muzzles.

THEN you must overtake (swing through) the rabbit?s feet – but don’t measure the lead – your instincts will do a much better job of that than you will, believe me.

Swing smooothly (3 x Os) and just pull the trigger instinctively, when you have come off the front of the target, but keep the gun moving during and AFTER you shoot.

This is known as ?following through?.

The 60% rise in your shot pattern will kill the target stone dead, if you swing through the under-edge of the target.

But as always, never-ever take your eyes off the target.

Focus really hard on it the whole time.