A) Barley is considered to be the best food to attract wild duck to a flightpond, though any cereal will be equally effective. Approach a local farmer when he is cleaning out his grain store prior to the next harvest and ask if you can remove the waste grain that is left in the auger pits and around the edges of the bins. A few hours with a shovel and plastic sacks can gather enough grain to keep you going well into the shooting season. Though the kernels may be broken and dusty, they will still be good enough to feed your pond. Feed little and often. Half a bucketful each evening for a modest pond will be sufficient. Put the grain into shallow water where the duck will find it, but where it will be out of reach of rats. If you can’t find a source of grain, then a pile of frosted potatoes at the water’s edge is another option. However much you feed, don’t shoot more than once a fortnight on average.