Sorry, I can’t help much.

Harry was last heard of at a small workshop in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, but has gone from there and nobody I can contact seems to know why or to where.

All I can find out is that Boden hand-made knives are still much prized.

If anyone out there knows more about Harry, please get in touch – we’d love to track him down!


    I have about 20 Harry Boden knives which I would be willing to sell, which were custom made for me many years ago.

    I live in Hong Kong however which may present problems!


  • Chris

    I have around a dozen Harry Boden knives for sale custom made for me, including 2 belts with knives concealed under the buckle 38″waist, a damascus folder, a very large lock folder, skinning knives etc.No further use for them – problem – I live in Hong Kong so may be shipping issues.