Buying a gundog


Oh dear, sounds to me like a marital argument in the making here. Like you I’d always choose to kennel a dog outside in warm, draught-proof kennels because it’s best for the dog’s welfare in the long run.

If you can’t get your best half to see the sense in that then you will need to meet her half way by, first, getting the puppy house trained but also used to spending time on its own in a kennel.

No doubt it will whine to start with in the kennel but this should be ignored.

It’s important that a dog should get used to being kennelled because there will be times when it will have to be housed in this fashion, for instance if you go on holiday or shoot away from home and an overnight stay is involved.

It’s well worth reminding your wife that a dog kept indoors tends to lose the natural oils that help keep it warm and waterproof while working in winter.

Good luck!

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