I read in the papers recently that a farmer shot two dogs and that no action was taken against him. How is that?


David Frost

You’re probably thinking of my answer to a question about shooting cats, which you can only do if you are absolutely sure the cat is feral, not someone?s feline pride and joy.

(I got taken to task by some cat charity for saying that but even they had to admit it’s true).

Dogs are different and owners are required to keep their dogs under control, which usually means on a lead or walking close at heel.

If your dog is not under control and is worrying a farmer’s stock and there is no reasonable alternative he may be justified in shooting it.

If he does he is required to inform the police within 48 hours.

Even if he does not shoot the dog he would be able to claim damages from the owner.

This applies to farm stock, eg cattle and sheep, but not to game birds.

You have virtually no right to shoot a dog that is chasing game birds.