MIKE GEORGE says: Nikko shotguns were made in Japan, and are no longer in production. The last guns came into the UK during the early 1980s.

The most familiar model was the 5000, which came in field, trap and skeet configurations. As far as I recall, there was no sporter.

The guns were quite well made and handled well, but the fault was, with long use, the ejectors could become splayed outwards to the point they eventually over-rode the cartridge heads.

At best, this gun is going to be around 25 years old, and with a gun no longer in production there is an obvious spares problem. If anything breaks, you would have to be prepared to pay to have a one-off part made. If you are still tempted to buy, I suggest you get it thoroughly checked by a gunsmith before you part with any cash!

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  • Tom

    Hi, I have a Nikko Model 60 Over-Under Shot gun can any one tell me anything about it

  • Allan Evans

    I have a Nikko “Shadow”, and love it dearly (had it over 20 yrs). Problem is… I have lost one of my ejector springs. Any idea where I might find one?

  • Eric

    Winchester 101,Nikko 5000’s,Classic 101’s—
    Actually they were made by a company that Olin had interest in in Japan. Kodensha was the name. Indeed they made the Nikko line of guns. By and large the Nikkos had better wood since they got first pick when ever a boatload came in. Later the line of Classic Doubles 101s, they were the same exact gun as the Winchester 101s and Nikkos, and imported by Classic Doubles in St. Louis were made there too.

    Parts are indeed available ..Please get your facts correct..

  • Eric Davis

    Could be a NIKKO GRANDEE sideplated custom if so could be quite rare…anymore info ?…………

  • Yiannis

    there was a sporter whith the name GRANDY CUSTOM
    12G 28”.
    does anyone have some more info for this gun.
    thank you