Neil McKintosh

Her resolve is to be admired! She must be a proper tough thing as this is a painful condition.

I am pretty sure she will have a problem with her anal glands.

These scent glands (which produce the most obnoxious material known to mankind, with the exception of Marmite) are located on either side of the anus and should scent mark a stool every time one is passed.

I think your dog’s glands have been filling and emptying at an inappropriate time (hence the smell) and have finally blocked and abscessed.

The photos show a similar type of dog after hair clipping. The redness is obvious but it is not until the hair is removed that you can see the holes in the skin where the abscess gland has burst.

You need a visit to your vet who will empty the glands and go in quite aggressively with some antibiotics.

Hopefully, the affected gland will not need to be removed