I’ve not heard of this before. Is it something new?


David Frost

There has been some debate in recent months about whether current and recent partners should be asked about an applicant’s suitability to have a firearm or shotgun certificate.

The issue is fraught with difficulties.

What if a partner says no and is subsequently abused by an unsuccessful applicant?

Is there a risk of a previous partner giving the thumbs down through spite?

Apparently a system like this is used in Canada and the government has agreed to study the results to see if lessons can be learned for the UK.

In the meantime it does not form part of the application or renewal process in this country.

Any partner who is asked this question should tell the FEO not to be so impertinent.


    could you please help “About the New Law coming in Oct.2012 over Shooting Right”. many thanks
    donal weir