Is there no way I can do it myself, or should I just leave things as they are?

Gundog health


Tartar is the hard build up that occurs on teeth when soft plaque is mineralised. The best way to prevent it is therefore to brush or clean teeth before this occurs!

Once it has formed, the only way to get it off is with a hand or machine scaler, although a decent thumbnail can often be successfully used to pick tartar off the big canine teeth.

Gently polish the teeth with some smokers? tooth powder afterwards.

Professional scaling and polishing obviously does the best job and many older dogs flourish after this has been done, especially if the odd infected tooth is also removed.

Remember that the smell from the mouth indicates bacterial infection, which can be quite debilitating and painful.

I recently stood my local gamekeeper?s spaniel on the table and machine scaled and polished his teeth while his owner held him. He never even blinked!

That?s the benefit of treating working dogs!