The little bugger’s tusks almost slit his spaniel from arsehole to jugular when the two collided in cover recently.


Neil McINtosh

I am not sure any field dressing is up to dealing with that kind of injury!

Basic first aid is important and my mantra is always ‘first do no harm’! Most important thing is to stop any arterial bleeding by applying pressure or a tourniquet (for 15 minutes tops).

Don’t constantly dab at a bleeding wound, steady prolonged pressure is the answer.

Bandage legs and cover with a poly bag.

If blood seeps through, do not remove the bandage but add more layers.

All wounds benefit from being flushed with clean water.

You cannot do this too much (unless hypothermia results!)

Please do not use creams etc because they will only have to be laboriously removed by your vet, prior to suturing.