We have a DIY shoot on private land covering two supportive farms. The shooting rights are owned by another person and he has asked that we provide a risk assessment and the contact details of shoot members. We do not employ anyone and are worried about releasing information about gun ownership albeit to a respected person. Are we legally bound to provide this information?

The landowner or the owner of the sporting rights (if different) may impose any terms he likes in letting the shoot to you, including the requirements you mention. If you don’t like the terms you do not have to take the lease. The question of whether by law it is necessary for you to have a written health
and safety policy is an entirely different one. The Health & Safety at Work Act makes a written policy compulsory for many shoots and even for those employing a few beaters.

The website of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk) has a complete Shoot Risk Assessment document under the heading “Advice Sheets”.

I advise you to approach the subject in a receptive frame of mind and pick out parts that apply to you and your shoot. You should then produce the written documentation that is necessary to comply with the law.