Q: People are always telling me that I keep stopping my gun. I’ve tried everything to stop myself doing this — swinging faster, giving the bird more lead and so on. What can I do?

A: This is a very misunderstood problem in shooting. People say that you are “stopping your gun” but they are not explaining why.

The simple reason for it is that as you go to pull the trigger, you are most likely looking at the end of your gun. It is known as checking your swing. The gun is the stationary object and so if you look at it, the gun doesn’t go anywhere. It is a bit like looking at your hands as you are about to catch a ball.

Watching the bird hard and concentrating on picking the bird up correctly will help you read the shot properly. Then, the key is to watch the bird die. If your eyes don’t leave the moving bird you will find it is impossible to stop.

Finishing a shot correctly is hard to do and does take practice, but if you persevere you will find a great improvement in your results and your shooting. TP