Gun dogs


Cuts and scratches of this sort will invariably come about when a hard-hunting spaniel starts working heavy cover containing briars and thorns.

Despite being spattered in flecks of blood these injuries, generally, are superficial and heal quickly.

However, if your dog shows signs of bleeding you should check it immediately to ensure it’s just a minor scratch and not a deep cut requiring a stitch by the vet.

I would rather not bathe scratches with anything because whatever you use the dog will only lick it off and maybe upset its stomach in the process.

The most important thing is to ALWAYS groom the dog after a day’s shooting to check for injuries.

Pay particular attention to the areas around the eyes and ears for any broken thorns or signs of grass seeds.

You also need to remove all sticky burrs and twigs/briars wrapped in the feathering.

Before kennelling the dog for the night you should give it a good combing – something made much easier if you keep the dog well clipped around the ears and other areas which tend to feather heavily.