I?ve always avoided an early feed because I was told it can cause stomach cramps while working, but other people who I beat with say a dog needs food for strength and should therefore be fed beforehand.

What?s your policy on this?


Peter Blatch

This all depends on what time of day your shoot gets underway.

For instance, if you?re up and about early and the shoot isn?t going to start for another couple of hours then a little bit of breakfast will not trouble the dog, so long as it is not a full meal.

His proper feed should be left until the end of the day.

Having said that, I don?t see any harm in giving a dog a little nibble of something between drives to help keep its stamina up.

I regularly give my dogs small supplements in the shape of energy bars during the day.

Nobody can expect their dog to go all day without some kind of food and not see its stamina gradually run low.