A: Using high-quality prepared pet foods, especially those developed for the different breeds and life stages will provide a correctly balanced diet and the same, of course, is true using raw materials.

However, it is far more difficult to get the exact balance right with raw foods and there is also the issue of supply and storage.

In a busy kennel, feeding an all-in-one diet is more convenient, but I still have reservations about the stamina levels of some gundogs fed solely on dry food. Dogs fed either way appear the same on the outside, but the real test is stamina.

In my experience, dogs I have owned that were fed a natural diet appeared to work longer and harder. The recovery rate also seems quicker when fed raw foods.

If your puppy is doing well on its present diet and its motions are firm and regular, don’t change to something different, but research canine nutrition more fully before considering changing to a natural diet.

The Doglopaedia, by Evans and White, is a good place to begin

  • Peter

    It amazes me to read comments such as ‘it is far more difficult to get the exact balance right with raw foods and there is also the issue of supply and storage.’ Would you feed a hman baby dry convenience foods and then convenience foods for the rest of its life? This happens and look at the illness suffered by these people that do. It also amazes me to read that storage should be an issue over the health and well being of a dog. Unfortunately laziness is a human trait and a habit. A habit that needs to be broken it if means the well being of our working animals and loyal pets.

    The last paragraph I find extraordinary. Just because a dogs stools are solid does not mean the dog is healthy inside. The owner of a dog should give the best possible diet and that diet is a natural diet. It is not difficult to create a balanced diet through natural raw ingredients and storage only requires a fridge and freezer. The owner needs to go the extra mile to look after their dogs and if they are working dogs not to treat them like factory farmed animals. It’s ethically and naturally right to do so. Anything less is neglect and pure laziness.