Clay pigeon shooting expert


Well of course, as a coach, I’m going to say ‘get yourself some lessons, lad. It will pay dividends in the long term.’

Truth of the matter is, good coaching really will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

I think it fair to say that with shooting, like so many other skill-based sports, it’s possible to make fairly rapid progress in the early days and be pleased with our self-taught efforts.

However, the closer we get to perfection, the harder things become: tiny, unnoticed, faults and flaws in technique will halt or interfere with our progress.

This is exactly when we need the help of an expert coach, someone able to spot even the tiniest problems and suggest ways of negating their effects.

Don’t get me wrong, there are ‘natural’ shooters out there who reach their peak without the need of instruction, but they are in a tiny minority – when it comes down to the precise nature of trap shooting the rest of us need every bit of help we can get.