PETE BLATCH says: The question you need to ask here is: “Will we want a puppy from her in another year or two’s time?”

If your bitch turns into a good biddable worker everybody likes, then you will probably find plenty of friends who would like to buy one of her offspring – as well as you keeping one to train and work in due course.

Do bitches get overweight after being spayed? The only thing I can say here is all my bitches are spayed as a matter of course after they’ve had no more than three litters and the operation does not affect the way they work.

The only proviso here is you keep your bitch fit out of season so she does do not pile on lots of weight due to lack of exercise.

A few years ago my two year-old cocker developed a lump on one of her teats which turned out to be cancerous.

The vet removed it and also spayed her, giving her 18 months to live. Well, all I can say is the black tornado that runs about my kennels, deaf and almost blind, is now 15 years old and has only been fully retired these last two years!

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