Last year I nearly froze my wotsits off sitting in the hide and everything from my feet to my ears went numb.

If we get a repeat of last winter I don?t think I will even bother venturing out. Maybe other readers could also suggest a few favourites?


Peter Theobald

There is such an array of thermo-insulated clothing on the market, that there really is no reason to be either wet or cold during a day?s decoying.

The old adage of several thin layers being more effective than one thick one, still holds true today, if you do not want the expense of modern clothing.

What I will say is that the first parts to get chilled are usually the feet because they?re only separated from the cold ground by a few millimetres of boot rubber.

Once the tootsies catch it, the cold will creep through the legs and chill the rest of the body.

Having cold feet is no fun at all and the numbness will ruin any day?s shooting.

To avoid the discomfort it certainly pays to wear neoprene-lined boots or, if you can?t afford them, buy a pair of insulated thermal socks or neoprene bootie liners.

Thin thermal gloves that also cover your wrists will help no end too, and don?t forget to wear a warm hat to hold the heat in!