Unless your chief constable considers your sons cannot be permitted to possess a shotgun without danger to the public safety or the peace, they should all be granted certificates.

There are no lower age limits which of themselves prevent young persons having shotgun certificates, and their applications turn on whether they may possess guns safely.

However, the law treats youngsters of various ages differently.

It is an offence for anyone under the age of 17 to buy or hire a firearm, including an airgun.

Between 15 and 17 years old, a youngster may be in possession of a shotgun, even though he or she may not buy or hire one.

Under the age of 15, a youngster can only be in possession of a shotgun if supervised by an adult aged 21 or over or if the gun is covered with a securely fastened gun cover to prevent it being fired.

  • marc

    The youngest age someone was granted a shotgun certificate was 8 years old.

    There is a general resistance to granting a certificate under the age of 10 as you are not criminally responcible untill age 10.

    Each application is considered individually. Your parents, location, neighbours will all be considered before you are given a certificate if you are young.

    The earliest I would consider introducing someone to shooting would be at the age of six years – but that is my own personal opinion only. I think any child who may have inadvertant access to any form of firearm, shotgun or air gun should be shown the item and explained that it is dangerous, just like the stove and oven are dangerous.

  • darren

    hi i want to start clay shooting with my son who is 8 but people keep saying he is two young

  • Rory G

    Just wondering, I am 15 years old, I want get a shotgun certificate but for that to happen do I need either one of my parents to have a certificate before I can posses one myself? And also can I go out with a shotgun(when I have a certificate myself)on private land with permission but without supervision?

  • jack shellard

    hi i am 14 can i have a shot gun in my own home with a licence or do i have to borrow one

  • nick samue

    hi i do quite a bit of shooting with my dads mates with a shot gun and i was wondering how old do you have to be until your aloud to reply for a shot gun licsence as i would like one ?

  • Gavin M

    Just a quick question 2 any1 out there. I am 16 so can i use a shotgun on my own legally on land i have permission on? I have got a shotgun certificate.

  • ryan jeffery

    so say im nearly fithteen so i can legally go out shooting with an 21 year old and use a shotgun my self with out owning any licsence and i can buy one at the age of 16

  • gh

    Just a quick question 2 any1 out there. I am 16 so can i use a shotgun on my own legally? I have got a shotgun certificate.

  • jamie rees

    hi so i can legally own a shotgun if i have a shotgun licence.butcan go shooting on a private piece of land with the owners permison on my own