All the rules of pigeon decoying apply to corvids, except that crows are much quicker to react to danger.

This means your hide must conceal you completely when you turn your head or move to shoot.

Corvids respond very well to rotary machines carrying a couple of dead crows instead of pigeons and it sometimes pays to put a plastic owl out in full view

because, given the chance, crows will mob it.

Funnily enough at this year’s Game Fair I saw that Shootwarehouse has brought in Hypa-flap crow decoys.

These are based on the ultra lightweight pigeon versions that have been so successful since their launch.

One important thing to remember is that, unlike woodpigeons, the best time to decoy corvids is at very first light.

  • Baz Blackburn

    The other day i went shootring carrion crows from a hide using my FAC Rated AIR ARMS S410 AIR RIFLE and used a decoy little owl.I put the owl on a stick in view and range of some trees where the crows could land and fastened a dead carrion crow to the decoys base and the carrions and magpies came in no problem..I had 6 carrions but also missed 3 as it became very windy and was pouring with rain.