Q: Our shoot has a couple of flight ponds which attract quite a few teal along with mallard. I can see mallard no problem when the light fades but it’s a different matter with teal – I rarely pick them up until they’re actually over the water, then gone. My eyesight’s okay and I don’t wear glasses, so where am I going wrong?

A: Like me you probably have poor ‘night vision’ which means you find it difficult to see small objects in bad light. It’s a frustrating condition not made easier by this little duck’s habit of nipping in low to a flight pond rather than circling higher up first, as is the tendency with mallard.

You might try wearing glasses with yellow lenses which some clay shooters use to improve their view of targets in poor light to see if they help. However you are more likely to be successful if you restrict your outings whenever possible to days with a strong wind blowing. In conditions like these teal tend to move earlier than usual when there’s still sufficient light to see them in good time.