I?m going to have to compensate the farmer but can I claim the amount back on my Countryside Alliance membership insurance?

Shooting insurance advice


If you compensate the farmer in full for the loss of his sheep you?ll be entitled to keep it.

That should help fill the freezer! Talk to the CA and see what they say ? I?d be interested to hear.

You also need to consider whether you are using the optimum ammunition.

Ideally the bullet should give up all its energy in the target and not carry on beyond it.

  • andrew hughes

    hi.i wouldnt tell to many people about this,i think you could be in danger of losing your fac as you must be sure the shot was safe. and a backstop should have saved, the sheep or any thing else you could have hit, including the farmer.take care

  • Paul Valentine

    Hello one and all, lucky for you the bullet going through the bird only struck a sheep, if it had hit another person walkng in the field, then you would be looking at prison time, maybe life if that person had died, think on next time.

    A request : my friend went shooting ( all legal and licensed ), he went onto land without permission to kill off a fox that had been wounded, from the land he had permission to shoot on, and is now being prosocutted for trespass, his father my friend sais there is a law that allows people to trespass to prevent the animal from suffering.

    does such a law exist or are you still required to get the landowners permisson in such cases.

    email me the answer please .. Paul_Valentine1965@yahoo.co.uk