Neil McIntosh

First of all, I think any dog that?s lame should receive the benefit of a veterinary examination.

I know times are hard but if we are going to expect a hard day?s shooting out of a dog, the least we can do is make sure he is not suffering as a result.

Often, the cause is arthritis and medication can greatly improve the quality of life of a dog but also hugely prolong its working life.

And, of course, there are some occasions when problems can actually be completely resolved. If discomfort is ongoing (and I presume it is since your dog?s lameness recurs and is exacerbated by exercise) then cod liver oil is unlikely to have a significant effect.

In moderate doses fish oil may be beneficial to dogs that have a deficient diet but they do not remove the pain or inflammation associated with severe joint disease.

In high doses, the excess Vitamin A can create spinal problems.

Chat to your vet about judicious use of a non-steroid anti-inflammatory, perhaps focused around shooting days.

  • Adam Jones

    My Jack Russell tends to lift his hind foot when he’s jogging along. I think it’s a terrier thing I’ve seen a lot of them do it, I give mine food that contains cod liver oil that is specially for gun dogs, it is great food for them, it would pay to try and get some, if your not using it already.