Eye dominance coaching

Many right-handers have a dominant right eye and left-handers a dominant left eye. But eye dominance can change too, depending on lifestyle, stress or health.

A good instructor will help you to get over issues of eye dominance so that you can improve your shooting technique – here’s a variety of articles we’ve written about it to help you get started and assess which is your dominant eye.

woman having shooting lesson

What to watch to improve your shooting performance

When it comes to teaching an adult to shoot, I always treat each person as an individual. I do not treat a lady Shot any differently from how I would a gentleman, for example. There are lots of things said with regard to lady Shots, such as eye-dominance problems, body…

shooting lesson

A shooting lesson

In no way should you be looking at the gun once it is at your cheek and shoulder, as your brain is aware of the its position relative to the target in your peripheral vision. All of your attention must be on the target as you pull the trigger. Mount…

How to be a better game shot

Top five ways to be a better game shot

So far this season I have shot on a number of days at home and abroad and, working as a shooting instructor, helped some very interesting people with some very intriguing shooting problems. I have had a couple of excellent outings and one that I would much rather forget –…

How to improve your clay shooting scores!

How to improve your clay shooting scores! Everyone wants to improve their scores and do better than the last time they shot. This is a given, a universal fact, and it’s irrespective of whether the Gun is shooting clays or live game.