A gun from Italy with his pheasant.

Sent in by Joe Thompson from Tuscany, Italy.

A labrador gundog in Scotland.

Ross Ritchie’s dog, Skye of Glenshee, up in the Glenshee Mountains on a training day.

Brown trout fishing on the river Calder.

Royce Kirkley of Queensbury with his brown trout, caught on the river Calder near Halifax.

Two working springer spaniels from the New Forest.

Oscar (black head) Flukey (white face) resting after retrieving work from water in the New Forest. Both working springer spaniels, Oscar is 5 years old, Flukey is 2 years old.

A young shot and his dog on a pheasant shoot.

This picture was sent in by Mario Costa, of his son Max, and his dog Chester at the Clouds Hill shoot Offley, on beaters day 2007.


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  • keverne pointon

    good evening all at the shooters times.recently I had an invite to take some photos of a shoot Nr doncaster
    and i wondered if you would like to consider my photos for review via your team

    kind regards

    Keverne Pointon

    amateur photographer