The score of 224.3 points is yet to be confirmed — that will happen at the next trophy evaluation board of the CIC.

The record roe buck trophy head was shot by Barry Hodkinson in Perthshire last season, and has been bought by Drew Bain, who has the largest collection of trophies in the UK.

The trophy had been badly cut when Iain Watson, a CIC judge for Scotland, saw it, but he realised that it was close to Marco Pierre White’s record buck from 2007, and the trophy was recut to conform to CIC requirements.

The head exceeds Marco Pierre White’s trophy, which scored 222.65 points.

Mr Hodkinson was initially going to throw away the head, because he did not realise that there was anything remarkable about it.

But someone suggested he should clean it and keep it.

The head weighs 836g and is normal, having no thickening of the eye sockets or pedicles.