The Midland Game Fair, one of the biggest events in the countryside calendar which took place at Weston Park, Shropshire on September 18-19, was once again a huge success.

The Midland is a showcase of country sports and a celebration of rural life – and is renowned as a great place to bag a bargain before the start of the pheasant shooting season.

Thousands of visitors poured through the gates to take in the best in country living, and left laden with the latest and greatest clothing, tools and guns.

The Shooting Gazette stand was packed as ever, with cartridge historian Tom Grange showing off a sample of his collection, boots and clothing to be won from Harkila and a superb subscription offer.

We hope our new subscribers are enjoying their bottles of delicious Martin Miller’s gin.

Alongside the wide range of entertainment you would expect, the Midland also hosted the finals of the Mitsubishi Motors World Series clay

shooting and gundog championships.

This winner of the Mitsubishi Motors World Series clay shooting championship, run by Doveridge Shotgun Academy, was 15-year-old Adam Ewens who stormed his way to the title and the first prize of a Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian worth £26,000.

Adam only took up shooting 15 months ago, but under the expert tutelage of Gold medal-winning Olympian Richard Faulds he has quickly established himself amongst the best shooters in the country.

Adam Ewens

Clive Bramley of Doveridge Shotgun Academy said: “The Mitsubishi Motors World Series championship is renowned for giving all who enter a real chance of winning, and this year’s result proves just that.

“Not only does Adam’s win show age and experience aren’t key factors in success, but it also shows just about anyone can give this sport a go.”

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  • David E J Claridge

    Missed the event but I was there in spirit.
    On my Soap box now, I am fed-up with the constant bleating`s of the R.S.P.C A, Animal rights and other minority bodies interfering with legitimate and LEGAL Sporting Activities of the individual in this Countries. they should stick to their fluffy Guinea Pigs,Cats,Budgies and Goldfish in bowls on the Piano… leave the `GROWN UP` stuff to thoughs that understand the country side and it`s workings to the GROWN-UPS of our society. It is my opinion that minority groups will destroy the very fabric of this country and our society. there are many more things to be concerned with, things that are `non-politically correct` but far moor devastating
    to Britain…..
    The Midland Game Fair is an institution and long may it be so. (sorry if I went a bit O,T,T there, but it makes me mad to see our rights diminished by these dangerous people).God bless Britain.. DC