Everything you need to know about your gundog. This collection of information and advice covers field trial and working tests, gundog training and exercise, breeds and gundog health plus help with breeding and buying or selling your gundog.

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Gundog pack mentality

In the past, man used dogs to help him hunt for food and pelts for clothing, shelters and storage, whereas now, most hunting is done as a sport or enjoyable…


Gloucestershire gundog training

Norman and Sandra Onens of Kestrelway Gundogs are experienced gundog trainers and handlers and at their training ground, based near Evesham in Gloucestershire, they have developed a superb area for…


How do I stop my gundog from whining?

Mark Whitehouse says: Making noise and whining are major eliminating faults in field trialling events, and this could be one of the reasons he has been sold as a shooting…

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Which dog is best for rough shooting?

Which dog for rough shooting? For many gundog owners there can be nothing more exciting and rewarding than shooting over their own dog. However, it takes hours and hours of…

Body language in dogs

How to read a gun dog’s body language

Dogs are remarkable. Working them makes us especially aware of that, but still they frequently amaze us. What we now know of the process of domestication, which fossil evidence suggests…

Retriever Championships 2014

Gundog Retriever Championships 2014

Windsor Great Park in Berkshire makes a superb location for the gundog retriever championships — which have been held there before — because of its history, its landscape and its…

pick up wounded bird

Why it’s wrong to pick-up unshot birds

Sometimes it's all too easy for dogs to retrieve early-season birds that are exhausted rather than shot; but it's bad practice, writes David Tomlinson

dog fight spaniels

How to stop a dog fight

Three Shooting Times gundog experts consider the best way to stop a dog fight – and how to prevent it in the first place