Everything you need to know about your gundog. This collection of information and advice covers field trial and working tests, gundog training and exercise, breeds and gundog health plus help with breeding and buying or selling your gundog.

spaniel breeds

Which breed of spaniel should I buy?

Don't overlook the minor breeds, like Clumber, Welsh springer or Brittany spaniels, although their natural hunting, retrieving and training ability probably won't be as strong as a Cocker or Springer

Breeding puppies

Tips on breeding puppies from older dogs

When it comes to breeding puppies, an older dog should still be perfectly capable of producing a litter if she has always come into season regularly. Of course, older dogs…

choclate labrador

The evoloution of the chocolate Labrador

Mention chocolate Labradors to most gundog people and you will receive some pretty strong opinions, most often criticising them for being overweight and lazy. Well, let’s take a logical look…

stolen gundog

These three people had their gundogs stolen

Craig from Essex has been targeted twice by gundog thieves, with two dogs stolen in 2012 and three more in 2013. He managed to retrieve two of them. “I’m still…