Everything you need to know about your gundog. This collection of information and advice covers field trial and working tests, gundog training and exercise, breeds and gundog health plus help with breeding and buying or selling your gundog.

retrieve point-of-view video

Labrador retrieve point-of-view video

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog sees when going for a retrieve, the video above has the answer. Seth Morris mounted a GoPro camera to his yellow labrador and…

Chasing sheep

How to stop your gundog from chasing sheep

You should teach your dog to avoid sheep from an early age. If that doesn't work, electric collars could be an option but they must be used with caution


Choosing a stud dog

Which are the most important qualities to look for when selecting your stud dog?

new born puppy

Birthing gundogs

In the concluding part of a two-part series, Tony Price guides breeders through the process of bringing their working bitch’s puppies into the world

whelping box

How to build a whelping box

Step-by-step instructions on how to build a whelping box to make a safe birthing environment for your litter

Gundog Training

Gundog training: How to improve marking

Gundog training: What do you do from February to August to keep your gundog training programme moving forward and developing your young gundogs? I have a 20-month-old cocker and I…

tail docking surgery damage

Why the law on docking tails needs to change

Born in Scotland, springer spaniel Storm moved to England with an undocked tail. Vet Neil McIntosh describes how working in cover proved costly and why the law needs to change