I beat and help pick-up on my local shoot and am envious of the fun the dog handlers are having with their charges.

I have noticed the English springer spaniel and the cocker spaniel are both very popular breeds.

Are there any other breeds of working spaniel, and which breed would you advise me to buy for my very first working gundog?

Mark Whitehouse says: Several breeds of working spaniel immediately come to mind; the field working spaniel, the Welsh springer spaniel, the Sussex spaniel and the Clumber spaniel.

Working spaniel largeThe breed of working spaniel you choose is entire up to personal preference but don’t be afraid to look further than the usual suspects.

The Working Clumber Spaniel Society have worked hard to keep this breed from near extinction as a working spaniel, and the working Clumber spaniel has become more athletic than its show counterpart.

They have been running in field trials alongside English springer spaniels and cocker spaniels, and gaining awards at novice standard.

They are handsome looking and work close at a steady pace.

I could be biased and say that my complete and ideal spaniel is an English springer spaniel, but for you, looking to start up for the first time with something different, I would say go and look at some working Clumber spaniels and compare the two breeds.

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