What advice could you give me to solve this problem?

MARK WHITEHOUSE SAYS: Bad breath could be a sign of dental disease or simply a build up of tartar/plaque around the top of the teeth where they meet with the gums.

A good clean and polish could resolve all smells.

Look inside your gun dog’s mouth. Gently raise the front lips as this will give you a good view of the incisors and canines and ensure that you raise the lips far enough so that you can see the gums as well.

Any build up of tartar/plaque will show around the top of the teeth and any gum infection will also show in the same area.

If any tartar has built up it will encroach onto the gums and this could lead to small pockets of infection developing inside of your gun dog’s mouth.

Healthy gums should be an even pink colour, but infected gums will look reddish around the margin where the teeth meet the gums. This area can also become swollen and bleeding will occur when food is eaten.

There are plenty of dental chews on the market and a monthly inspection of your dog’s teeth should keep them in good condition.

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