Last year my freezer broke down and I switched to a dry food mix just for convenience, but I do not think my gun dogs have faired nearly so well on it. Any thoughts?

MARK WHITEHOUSE SAYS: Running a gun dog training kennel is time-consuming and I have switched to using a dry food mix for convenience.

If I only had a few gun dogs and had the facilities to store raw meat and tripe hygienically, I would go back to this more natural way of feeding.

I have tried many complete dry foods; some were so badly formulated that they created work around the kennels cleaning it up.

In today’s market the cost of leading brands can vary from £12 to £30 for a 15kg bag and there are many excellent mid-range feeds that are specially created for gundogs.

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  • ali linton

    dog`s are omnivore`s,they need a little of everything,not pawned of with the cheapest rubbish you can lab get`s a non complex carbohydrate meal(rice,pasta,toast) 1 hour before working,a high energy snack half way through the day and a high protien meal(chicken,fish) when he get`s back,then washed,your dog depend`s on you 100% for food,warmth and companionship.

    ali linton