I know the land and the atmosphere will be different. Any tips on protecting my gundog and avoiding foreign disease?


Neil McKintosh

Prevention is the name of the game! I guess you already have a Pet Passport, which means your dog will be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

What you now need is the means to avoid him being bitten by mosquitos, sandflies and ticks, as all spread diseases too numerous to mention here.

Additionally, you must use a product effective against heartworm and worm your dog to kill the tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus.

(Indeed, it is a condition of your return to the UK that this is done 24-48 hours before you travel back.)

There are numerous products available.

Impregnated collars might be good for pet dogs but spot-ons are preferred in working canines.

1. Apply Advantix one week before you go (for sandflies and ticks) and then every two weeks.

2. Advocate applied on the day of travel and then monthly will deal with heartworm (and fleas etc).

3. Take your own Drontal Plus tablets to worm on the way back.

4. Consider trying the new Leishmaniosis vaccine to prevent this really nasty, slowly fatal, protozoal disease.

Your vet will help you out.