The Leconfield Working Spaniel Club has recently been licensed by the Kennel Club to hold their first a.v. novice spaniel field trial.

The closing date for entries is January 11.

For further details contact field trial secretary Terry Steadman on 01444 456343 or visit the club website at

  • Alex Terry in editorial

    Hi Graham

    You’ve raised a fair point regarding the website. There will always be a time delay before reports appear in the magazine, due to it being a monthly and the fact that we publish every report sent in.

    So far, with the website, we have not featured reports until they’ve been in the mag, which does go against the instant nature of the internet.

    To remedy this, we will now feature a selection of basic results and photos on the website as soon as they are sent in, leaving the full reports to feature in the magazine at a later date.

    I hope this leads to less disappointment in the future, and many thanks for your comment.

  • graham roberts

    Very disappointed at the lack of field trial results and photos in your magazine. I had hoped that your web site might prove to be more up todate with these results. For a sporting mag to be reporting on spring and summer working tests so long after the event cannot be right even for a monthly magazine. I see no reason why your website cannot be more up to the minute.