The judges were Peter Burton, John Cavana and Fran Creaner.



1 K. Butler with lab. Levenghyl Ranger

2 John Lees with lab. Kenocto Major Mace

3 Neil Pharoah with lab. Claravale Wild Rose

4 Ken Barnes with lab. Waysgreen Apollo


1 Steve Hore with lab. FTCh Riaghyll Veta

2 Steve Hore with lab. FTCh Edenbrook Black Diamond

3 Wilson Atherton with lab. Shadowfern Gunshot

4 Colin Hill with lab. Green Valley Swift

  • Irene Davison

    Can you help me contact Fran Creaner please? She has a dog OShkin Amarok who was the sire of my dog Max (Black Diamond of Burnhall) from our seller Graham Sedgewick. I would really like to have some information on Oshkin and Saxaphone kennels have pointed me towards Fran for this. Any help is appreciated.

    Irene Davison