Dunmar Dog Food and Duncan Matthews kindly sponsored the trial, which was judged by Phil Allen, Lady Venetia Hugh-Smith, Gordon Hay and Jennifer Hay.


1. Peter Bates with d. Birdsgreen Sweet Reward of Castlemans

2. Mike Knox with d. Tauvechan Minstrel

3. Robert Atkinson with b. Holway Volley (owned by June Atkinson)

4. G. Coupar with d. Paiute Pete

CoM. (& Guns’ Choice) Peter Hargreaves with d. Birdsgreen Ash

CoM. (& Best Marker) Jim Gale with b. FTCh Hawthorn Heather

CoM. Graham Bird with d. Scherzando Pisces

Best Runner: Phil Wagland with d. Pebbletoft Rock

Best Looking Dog: C. Tasker with d. Burnthill Pathfinder

Breeder of the winner: Sarah Gadd

The award winners with the guns

The award winners with the guns.

  • Brenda

    I am a complete novis and know nothing of about the working side of Gr’s. I have however owned a very athelectic very dark bitch for 11 years. Unlike a alot of show dogs although neutered she is still very lean. Her breeding lines a Ritzilyn, Stanroph and Nortonwood. Although show lines I should imagine some where down the line they’ve crossed over. Hope this helps
    Regards Brenda

  • Sarah

    I have a rescue working goldie that I took on over a year ago. I have been wanting another dog for sometime but seem to hit brick walls when trying to find a goldie darker in colour with a more athletic build and all puppies for sale seem to be show type. Any contacts would be greatfully received!!